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Twisting machine MT8/600

Twisting machine MT8/600

Twisting machine for the production of "8-shaped" curls from laminated or extruded pasta, featuring:

  • Trays width 600mm.

  • 510 or 540mm wide curtains or dough-sheets.

  • Calibrating unit consisting of a couple of calibrating rollers diam. 180mm.

  • Distribution unit to separate pasta strings according to curl dimensions.

  • Curl forming unit suitable to collect pasta strings from distributor, to fold them according to the selected eight-shape and to place them on trays by means of appropriate movements; said movements are adjustable in order to obtain curls with different dimensions.

  • Microprocessor for: machine operation, production data processing, machine data programming and display, job control, proportional linking among speeds under different job conditions, parameters storage under one out of 30 available shapes.

  • Keyboard + monitor to set and store operation parameters according to shapes, and to display possible alarms together with a short description for immediate intervention.

  • Inverter for motor operation.

  • Trays feed unit with motor for synchronized trays progress according to curl forming process, suitable to operate trays change by discharging the loaded tray and drawing an empty one.

  • Trays store suitable to automatically draw, by means of a chain with pushers, a new tray when the previous one has been loaded.

  • Example of line with trays storage, twisting machine and pre-dryer:

Clicca l'immagine per ingrandire la foto della matassa 'Ad Otto' di laminato

Clicca l'immagine per ingrandire la foto della matassa 'Ad Otto' di trafilato

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Available models and data of production:

Model:Dough-sheets number:Dough-sheet/s width:Tray width:Output (*):
MT8/6001510mm600mm200 / 250kg/h
MT8/10001850mm1000mm330 / 420kg/h
MT8/16452730mm1645mm580 / 720kg/h
MT8/20002900mm2000mm720 / 890kg/h

(*) Production data are based on a coil of 40g as reference.