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MNL/2000 - Nesting and Lasagne machine


Nesting machine and Lasagne unit assembled in the same carter for the production of nests from four veils of drawn pasta or four dough-sheets and for the production of lasagnes from two dough-sheets; characterized by:

  • Net width of tray: 2000mm.

  • Arrangement for the use of four 900mm wide dough-sheets or veils.

  • Calibrating unit consisting of four couples of rollers.

  • Arrangement for installation of Cutting Rollers Unit to effect, in synchronization with the calibration, the longitudinal cuts of the dough-sheets, cuts of the type:

    • Parallel, according to any required width.

    • Undulate, to simulate the manual cut.

    • Differentiate, suitable to get different widths of noodles inside the same nest, thus maintaining the same final weight of the various nests.

    • Spur cut , to make an indentation of the external profile.

  • Unit with Rotating Knives to effect the cut to length. A special installed motorization allows to get the passage of noodles at stopped and vertical knife, and their cut through fast rotation of the knives.

  • The noodles or the threads of drawn pasta are then directed to the Dividing Group and to the Cups where the formation of the nest happens inside "N+N" wrapping pipes (to be defined according to dimensions and type of nest) by means of a blow of compressed air actuated by an electro-valve-system under control of the phase shaft of the Nesting machine.

  • The deposit on the tray is effected through a Mobile Telescope Unit that allows to touch lightly the net of tray during the shaping of nest and then, when lifting, the advancement of the tray.

  • The Movement of the 2000mm wide Trays is driven by a special independent motorization under PLC control through programmable steps of advancement according to format, in order to be able to for instance modify quickly the production from round to oval nest or from nest to lasagne.

Nesting and Lasagne machine - MNL/2000

SECTION FOR LASAGNE PRODUCTION - in the same carter it is incorporated the Lasagne machine that uses two, 900mm-wide dough-sheets. The Lasagne machine makes the longitudinal cut through a set of rotating and adjustable mobile knives to get different widths of lasagnes, and the transversal cut through a guillotine knife that works in proximity of the net of the tray.

The machine is equipped with two kinds of Tray Advancing Systems, one specific for nests (discontinuous) and one for lasagne (continuous and in footstep with the speed of the dough-sheet).

The various models of nesting machines with lasagne unit Type MNL cover any productive demand:

Modellonumero sfoglie (nr)larghezza sfoglia (mm)produzione nidi (*)
produzione lasagne
nr. telai al minuto

(*) Production data are based on a nest of 23g as reference.