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Folding Machines MTA

After calibration, the rolls for the longitudinal cut are positioned (see optional) that make the cut of dough-sheets according to the required width. To meet the demands of Pasta Factories these rollers can be made for different kinds of cut, such as:

  • Parallel, according to any required width.

  • Undulated, to simulate the manual cut.

  • Diversified, to get different widths of noodles inside the same coil, thus maintaining the same final weight of the various coils.

  • Spur-shaped, to make a cut as if executed with a spur.

Through a system with retractable conveyor belt the strings are doubled and deposited on a group of three flaps that will effect the folding (the first two paddles) and the unload on the tray (the third paddle). A transversal knife provides then for the cut to length of the strings.

A forming unit with two paddles effects the two foldings of strings through rotation of the first paddle and successively of the second one. The formed coil is then deposited on the net of the tray through the movement of the third paddle that during the unloading phase draws near to the net of the tray.

The outfit of the machine is established during the construction in order produce custom coils of the width, that our customer can choose among three available shapes.

Machine for the production of folded noodles Mod. MTA

The search of always new products or of regional products or of products that were very diffused but, due to optimization of productivity, have been discontinued, has brought us to propose again the shape of folded noodles "Genoese"-style.

We decided therefore to update the MTA-machines according to the new concepts of production, of protection against accidents, of management of the motorizations and of electric panels in order to satisfy the most advanced technological demands.

The range of the MTA is actually widened up to the tray of width 2000mm to be able to satisfy the increasing productive necessities; we propose therefore with the availability of the folding machines for trays of width: 600, 1000, 1645 and 2000mm.

The first section that we meet is the calibrating section, completely renewed through increasing the diameter of the rolls, assembling them on bearings and checking their speed by means of an inverter. The positioning of said group is such as to always making it possible to be coupled with a press suitable for the production of drawn shapes.

matasse Barilla
ModelNumber of dough-sheets (nr):Dough-sheet width (mm):Tray width (mm):Output (*)(kg/h)

(*) Production data are based on a coil of 62,5g as reference.

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