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Nest-forming machine NLA/600
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Nest-forming machine NLA/600

Autonomous Machine for the manufacture of nests from a dough-sheet (coming out from a press or a kneader) or from a drawn, normally equipped with:

  • Calibrating unit with autonomous motorization, suitable to receive a 510 mm wide dough-sheet and reduce it to the requested thickness.

  • Unit for transversal cut of noodles or dough threads by means of a special device allowing the passing of threads with arrested knives and the cutting through a fast rotation of the blades. To rectify the nest weight, it is possible to vary, with operating Machine, the cutting length of noodles or drawn threads.

  • Nest-forming made inside special cups by means of compressed air jet, under PLC control of the Machine. A telescopic unit allows to approach the net during the forming phase and to move away during the phase of tray translation.

  • Advancement of 600 mm wide trays through autonomous motorization under PLC control, with advancement steps which are programmable according to the nest-shape, in order to quickly shift - for example - from the production of a round nest to an oval one.

Machine pre-arranged to be equipped, according to the production needs, with:

  • different couples of cutting roller to effect, in synchronization with the calibration, the longitudinal cuts of the dough-sheets, cuts of the type:

    • Parallel, according to any requested width.

    • Undulated, to simulate the manual cut.

    • Differentiated, to obtain different noodle widths inside the same nest, thus maintaining the same final weight of the various nests.

    • Spur-shaped , to get an indentation in the cutting profile.

    • Troccolo Pugliese popup.

  • set of special cups to form round or oval or flat nests.

  • side trimming of dough-sheet, with relevant scraps mincing and return to the press.

  • special support of tray during nest deposition phase, such as even very worn trays or with buckled net can be used.

  • trays lift for connection with automatic drying lines.

  • equipment for the production of lasagne (AL/600), moved through the motorization of the Nest-forming machine.

Different models meet every production need:

Mod. Nester Mod. Nester + Lasagne Sheets number:
Sheet width
Tray width:
Nest production
Lasagne production
only for MLN/:
NLA/600 1 510/540 600 250
NLA/1000/SVMNL/1000/SV 1 850 1000 370 9
NLA/1000/DV 2 850 1000 660
NLA/SF1000/I 1 1000 1120 490
NLA/1645/SV 2 730 1645 670
NLA/1645/DV 4 730 1645 1210
NLA/2000/SV 2 900 2000 800
NLA/2000/DV MNL/2000/DV 4 900 2000 1440 4
NLA/2600/SV 2 1200 2600 1100
(1) Production data are based on a nest of 23g and diameter 60mm (dry product) as reference.

Ours nests:

Fettuccine Cappellini
De Cecco
Tagliatelle Lasagnette Tonnarelli Chitarrina
Tagliatelle Tagliolini Pappardelle
Fideos Famosa
Tallarin Cabello d'Angel
La Molisana
Tagliatelle Fettuccine Tagliolini Taglierini
Bavette Trinette
Tagliatelle Pappardelle Taglioline
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